Reasons for Considering Hall Living

Living in University Hall means you are living in the community and always have the opportunity to remain updated. Here you will get the scope to meet more people, friends, join the campus events, get all services. Here are the rest:


Smart Living Scope

Students at Hall will have access to the Library, the same community, stay closer to the faculty and students. So our research says they usually get higher grades than others.

Close to the Class

If you are planning to live in Hall then you are just 10 minutes away from your class, close to your library to study, Green Garden or Hall Dining, Sports Zone, Gymnasium and with friends.

Enjoying the Wireless Life

In your hall life, you will enjoy the Cable TV and Wifi Connections. So you can enjoy the Wireless Life at the Hall, Lab, and Library Compound.

Safety & Security

The safety of the students is the best priority. We have CCTV surveillance, 24/7 staff for any support and services.



Cost-Effective Living Option

Living in a Hall saves the cost if you compare it with other living options. You will find all services together in the single Hall cost. Make your life easy.

Leadership Development Opportunities

When you are living in the Hall you are automatically developing your lifestyle, getting involved in the community which helps in developing the leadership capacity.

Hall Facilities

Each room is shared by four students. A bed, reading table, chair, fan, light will provide by Hall authority. Students have to bring their own mattress, bed sheets, quilt, pillow etc. Each room is 300sqf. A corridor is front in the room (common) and a separate veranda in each room. Read More



Hall for Male

Younus Khan Scholar Garden 1 Block A
Younus Khan Scholar Garden 1 Block B
Younus Khan Scholar Garden 2


Hall for Female

Rowshan Ara Scholar Garden