Apply for a seat

Seat Booking Guidelines

Admission Eligibility

  • Regular Students of DIU
  • Minimum SGP: 2.5 in case of Readmission/existing students
  • No Accusation/ Conviction from University or Government

Hall Fees

Students have to pay BDT- 2500/- per month. But mode of payment will be semester wise.

  • Registration fee: BDT- 3000/- (One time admission fee, not applicable in every semester)
  • Fee for tri semester students: BDT- 10000/- (for 4 month)
  • Fee for bi semester students: BDT- 15000/- (for 6 month)

A bi semester student have to pay BDT- 18000/- only in 1st semester and after that BDT- 15000/- in every semester.

A tri semester student have to pay BDT- 13000/- only in 1st semester and after that BDT- 10000/- in every semester.

The Hall payment should be done during academic registration (beginning in the semester)

Payment Procedure

You can deposit money Accounts section, at DSC.

Or B-Kash

  • Dial *247#
  • Choose option 03- Payment
  • Enter the merchant Bkash Account number you want to pay- 01811458901
  • Enter the amount 13156/- (1.2% charges included)
  • Enter a reference (Input your DIU ID number without –( High fen))
  • Enter the counter number: HALL
  • Enter Menu PIN to complete

After above procedures collect transaction no & Sender mobile number for form fill up and further use. You have to preserve this message and show in the accounts section of Daffodil International University before allotment of seat and take money receipt.

Seat Cancellation

Tri semester students can cancel their seat three times in a year and bi semester students can cancel their seat twice in a year. In every semester Hall Authority will announce notice for seat cancelation for a specific time period. Interested students have to apply within the time frame.