Message From Provost

Younus Khan Scholar Garden -01
Daffodil International University


Dr. A.B.M. Kamal Pasha, Provost

Beloved Students
Greetings and welcome. Thank you for your interest on DIU Hall. Younus Khan Scholar Garden-1 Hall started its journey from the academic semester Spring-2013 and I was given charge as 1stprovost of hall administration.

A holistic view means that, we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual besides academic excellence by awakening their inner resources as a human being intellect, insight, intuition, imagination and so on.

We have a great team of specialization on different concern those who are trying to teach the purpose of why something needs to be learnt, what is that they are learning; how it’s going to be used in real life; how it’s connected to learners’ life etc. It’s much more than just memorizing and writing about something. It’s more about connecting the concept to the real life of a learner. It’s about understanding the purpose of life through connections to the community, values and natural norms.

Our department is open and welcoming. It will be the right choice for you to learn and makes you closely perfect to achieve your future goal in the country as well as abroad too. We have a supportive family atmosphere. I hope through all these opportunities a student will gain valuable life skills that they can take with them no matter where their life brings them and parents will feel proud and happy that, they made a right choice to send their Son to appropriate institution which is not only Hall but also a Prosperous happy family where students reside in comfort, intensive care and in the lap of a study environment of serene atmosphere.

Thank you.

Professor Dr. A.B.M. Kamal Pasha
Younus Khan Scholar Garden -01

Professor & Head, ESDM
Daffodil International University.

Younus Khan Scholar Garden -02
Daffodil International University


Professor Dr. Md. Abul Hossain, Provost

Dear Students,

Warm greetings to the students of the Yunus khan Scholar Garden 2. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to be a part of hall facilities in a homely environment with desirable ambience for academic, cultural, extracurricular and personality development. Daffodil International University has been working tirelessly for the success and development of higher education at domestic and international levels. As part of that, the university has taken a challenge of establishing residence hall facilities for the national and international students and still now it is in the lead among all private universities of Bangladesh. Beside the arrangement of security, the hall provides with 24 hour clean water availability, spacious canteen facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, indoor games, large playground, laundry support, mosque, and many more. The total environment of the university including our hall premises promote clean and natural green sustainability to ensure healthy living.

The Hall Provost, House Tutors, Hall officers and trained Staffs are always concerned to take great opportunities to provide students a net, clean and comfortable place where students can study and live with safety. Keeping align with the motto of the university, the hall administration believes in zero tolerance policy towards ragging and drug issues.

We are optimistic that our student in the hall will set himself a role model to maintain peaceful environment of our beloved campus and refrain from any kind of wastage of resources, damage and destructive activities. They will strictly follow the discipline and decorum of hall. Respected Parents, Guardians, Alumni and Visitors are most welcome to the Yunus khan Scholar Garden 2.



Thank you

Dr. Md. Abul Hossain,PhD
Yunus khan Scholar Garden 02
Professor & Head (In-Charge), Department of Business Studies
Daffodil International University

Female Hall



Rowshan Ara Scholars’ Garden 01
Daffodil International University


Ms. Asma Alam, Provost

Dear residents of Rowshan Ara Scholars’ Garden (RASG), greetings and warm welcome to you all. This hall had its inauguration on October 23, 2021 and is continuing its journey including three more buildings as its extended parts DISS (RASG Ex-2), AB 3 (RASG Ex-3) and Multi-purpose building (RASG Ex-3). To ensure a safe, secured and comfortable environment for female students, this hall provides CCTV surveillance and 24/7 staff for any support and services.Beside the necessary accommodation supplies, the hall has the arrangement of uninterrupted Wi-Fi facility, separate prayer room, canteen and water purifier with cold and hot water options to ensure a favorable ambience for the students to develop their healthy, creative and introspective personality. The entire hall premises demonstrates our promise to nurture a green and serene environment to inspire the students to build up a strong bondage with nature. The total environment of the hall facilitates the elevation of academic and cultural standards. The Provost of the hall runs her administration efficiently with the help of a group of qualified and efficient House Tutors, Hall officers, staffs. Even in this hall, when health issue is addressed by an expert and qualified residential physician, the mental issue is addressed by fixing the appointment of a professional mental health therapist (Student Affairs center). Thus the total set up of the hall targets a healthy and peaceful life leading for our valued students. The hall authority arranges various sessions every month for the overall benefit of the residential students.

It is the expectation on the part of hall authority that students will maintain all rules and regulations meticulously to avoid any kind of misunderstanding that might disrupt the normal flow of hall activities and hall life. Zero tolerance policy of the hall authority about ragging and drug related issues are to be addressed as the most important fact by the residential students. Coexistence of a large number of students from different corners of home and abroad in a harmonious way, is the motto of this hall life.


Ms. Asma Alam
Rowshan Ara Scholar's Garden 01

Assistant Professor, Department of English
Daffodil International University.

Rowshan Ara Scholars’ Garden 02
Daffodil International University


Nazmun Nessa Moon, Provost

Ms. Nazmun Nessa Moon
Rowshan Ara Scholar's Garden 02

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Daffodil International University.