Message From Provost

Boys Hall

Dr. A.B.M. Kamal Pasha, Provost

Greetings and welcome. Thank you for your interest on Hall. Younus Khan scholars’ Garden & Female Hall started its journey from the academic semester Spring-2013 and I was given charge as 1st provost of hall administration.

A holistic view means that, we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual besides academic excellence by awakening their inner resources as a human being intellect, insight, intuition, imagination and so on.

We have a great team of specialization on different concern those who are trying to teach the purpose of why something needs to be learnt, what is that they are learning; how it’s going to be used in real life; how it’s connected to learners’ life etc. It’s much more than just memorizing and writing about something. It’s more about connecting the concept to the real life of a learner. It’s about understanding the purpose of life through connections to the community, values and natural norms.

Our department is open and welcoming. It will be the right choice for you to learn and makes you closely perfect to achieve your future goal in the country as well as abroad too. We have a supportive family atmosphere. I hope through all these opportunities a student will gain valuable life skills that they can take with them no matter where their life brings them and parents will feel proud and happy that, they made a right choice to send their Son/ Daughter to appropriate institution which is not only Hall but also a Prosperous happy family where students reside in comfort, intensive care and in the lap of a study environment of serene atmosphere.

Thank you.

Dr. A.B.M. Kamal Pasha (D. Sc.)


Associate Professor & Head, ESDM


Daffodil International University.

Female Hall

Ms. Tanzina Hossain


Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration

Rowshan Ara Scholar's Garden Hall

Daffodil International University.